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TPC Wins “Excellence in Leadership Development” Award from Brandon Hall Group

  The Presentation Company, which teaches practical business storytelling techniques to teams at the world’s top brands, won Brandon Hall Group’s coveted “Best Advance in Senior Manager Development” ... Continue reading

5 Advantages of Working with a *Certified* Women-Owned Business (Like TPC)

Many major corporations—like Netflix, Visa, and Proctor & Gamble—are aggressively seeking diversity in who they partner with and hire. Besides the obvious social reasons to do this, there are many ... Continue reading

How Do I Tell a Story in an Email? [VIDEO]

Ever wonder how you can apply storytelling to something as simple as an email? Watch this short video to see a vague, confusing email transformed into a clear, succinct story:   Continue reading

What We’ve Uncovered: How On-demand Learning Increases Global Team Collaboration

Imagine this…you are in an online storytelling workshop alongside colleagues overseas. You share a sample story of a program you’ve been laboring over. Your Parisian colleague quickly comments on ... Continue reading

5 Ways to Ace Your Next Big Meeting [VIDEO]

Ask nearly any senior leader what their biggest frustrations are and, more often than not, they will answer, “long-winded, unclear communications that pack in too much information and not enough real ... Continue reading

Looking to Increase Collaboration? Go Digital. [VIDEO]

We’ve gone digital. Welcome to our scalable storytelling solution that increases cross-functional collaboration and gives learners the flexibility to access content on their time, on any device. Jump ... Continue reading

5 Tips for Building Engagement through Storytelling

By Melony Bravmann, Chief Learning Officer at The Presentation Company. The human brain is wired to learn. It’s also wired for story. Stories help learners connect with ideas through the power of ... Continue reading

TPC Contributes to Are Decision-Makers Getting Turned Off Before They Even Hear Your Idea?

When planning any high stakes communication knowing who your audience is absolutely essential. But what happens when you are pitching to a variety of people with widely differing interests? In other ... Continue reading

The Best Kept Secret to Telling A Compelling Data Story [VIDEO]

One of the most common—yet dangerous—mistakes you can make when creating data visualizations is making your audience work hard to understand your key insights.  The good news? This one simple ... Continue reading

TPC to Speak at ATD 2019: Business Storytelling: One Size Audience Doesn’t Fit All

We're excited to announce we’ll be speaking at the ATD International conference this year! Watch this short video for a sneak peek at our session, taking place Tuesday, May 21st at 1pm. See you there! Continue reading

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