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Join TPC for Business Storytelling at Training Conference 2020

Want to learn business storytelling fundamentals in an hour? Join us at Training magazine's annual conference on February 26th at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.   Continue reading

TPC Contributes to Training Industry: Drowning in Data? These 3 Simple Visual Tricks Will Rescue You

Picture this: Your team is prepping for a presentation to win a big deal … or have a budget approved … or (fill in the blank). It should be wildly successful, since your team is made up of smart, ... Continue reading

3 Storytelling Tips Your Team Needs to Know in 2020

How will teams elevate their ideas and drive business forward in 2020? Well, much like in years past, they’ll gather information, build a strategy, develop recommendations, and try to sell their ... Continue reading

TPC Contributes to Training Industry: Headlines vs. Headings: How Story-driven Slide Titles Instantly Boost Your Ideas

You’ve been working for weeks on your program proposal, and you’re finally ready to present it to your vice president. There she is, sitting at the conference table, gazing up at your projected ... Continue reading

Happy Holidays from TPC! [VIDEO]

May your holidays be filled with wonderful stories, and many more in 2020 ❄️ Continue reading

TPC Contributes to Training Industry: The Key Skill Your Boss (Desperately) Wants You to Have

Everyone wants to boost his or her professional skill set to become more credible and influential. The question is, which skills should we focus on? Better yet, what is the one skill that will boost ... Continue reading

Join TPC for Business Storytelling at ATD Cascadia Annual Conference

Want to learn business storytelling fundamentals in 75 minutes? Join us at the upcoming ATD Cascadia conference on November 7th.   Continue reading

How to Use Color to Build Compelling Presentations

Whether you consciously realize it or not, color is a powerful way to associate ideas or products with certain emotions. The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science found that colors influence ... Continue reading

Visual Storytelling: Improve Your Executive Presence and Catapult Your Career

Want to naturally “own the room,” navigate difficult questions, and influence decision-making? The magic happens when you apply storytelling to business communications. Watch this video to learn how ... Continue reading

TPC Wins “Excellence in Learning” Award from Brandon Hall Group

The Presentation Company, which teaches practical visual storytelling and data visualization techniques to teams at the world’s top brands, won Brandon Hall Group’s coveted “Best Result of a Learning ... Continue reading

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