On-Demand Digital Storytelling Training for Teams


Everyone knows that investing in the right professional skills increases your odds at career advancement. Who doesn’t want that? But for most of us, finding the time for additional training is a constant battle. Here at TPC, we understand that time is of the essence. Human behavior and expectations are calling for change in corporate training…we say, “Bring it on!”

Welcome to on-demand learning for corporate storytelling

Our new learning platform teaches powerful, practical storytelling techniques to busy folks in whatever timeframe they wish to learn, on any device.

More than just digitized corporate storytelling workshops, it’s a new learning mindset

TPC’s blended learning solution is a social, collaborative hybrid of technology and real people. Why keep the human element rather than go fully digital? Because we’ve found that while 100% human-free may be perfectly fit for a quick “drive-by” of content, real behavior change comes from human interaction like instructor coaching and peer-to-peer feedback. It’s why we’ve infused our instructional design with the perfect combination of digital and live components – including personal coaching for nearly 50% of the time learners have access to the platform.

Personalization, access and scale

We know from years of experience: just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come. And if you simply copy + paste your existing classroom or virtual content into the digital learning environment, learners will sure feel the pain. In designing this personalized learning platform, we have been laser-focused on determining two things:  

  1. How people want to consume information
  2. What will help them advance their career

As a result, we’re launching a sleek, savvy learning tool that makes it simple to access our workshops in any time-frame or quantity depending on the learner’s needs. Want to spend more time on a certain module, or feel like saving it for later? No problem. The main objective is to offer flexibility that will boost retention and provide access to new skills and knowledge with the click of a button.

Ongoing accountability for managers

The platform also offers managers an easy, ongoing view into the learning progress of their team. In other words, there is built-in measurability and accountability from start to finish. In addition, we offer progress check-ins during the weeks that follow the training to further ensure retention.

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Powerful technology...with a human touch

Our mission is to help people up-level the way they communicate through corporate storytelling, visual messaging and data visualization. Our platform addresses this in the following ways…

  • Personalized, blended learning right at your fingertips…giving you the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere. Goodbye 2-day training!
  • Cohort-driven experience with mentoring and peer-to-peer coaching…because having iterative conversations with your colleagues – and even some healthy competition – can do more than only interacting with a facilitator
  • 24/7 access to resources, retention tools, coaching and feedback even after the session wraps…because there’s value in continuing the conversation to keep the knowledge infusion going

Easy access to learning...for everyone

Storytelling training can dramatically improve the way a team or company communicates, both internally and externally. But due to expense and limited time, company-wide access to training and coaching usually comes down to only a select few. TPC is setting out to change this. Our new menu of solutions expands access to the same techniques taught in the immensely popular workshops which have transformed teams at Facebook, MetLife, Marriott, and many more. Through in-person, virtual, and now digital-blended classes, this vital training is now readily accessible to anyone who wants to learn how to tell persuasive stories.

Intrigued…? We are looking for early adopters who want to take on this next cultural shift in corporate learning. Fill out the form to learn more.

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