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2020 has been—to put it mildly—a dramatic year for the planet, the U.S., and The Presentation Company. Amongst all the change, one thing has remained the same….and even grown: the need for great ... Continue reading

Business Storytelling Decoded in This 3-Part Video Series

Let’s face it: Business storytelling is one of the greatest ways to amplify the meaning of your facts and figures and inspire your audience to act. No wonder it's all the rage in the business ... Continue reading

3 Peer Coaching Tips for Building a Culture of Storytellers

Today, the world’s most successful companies have discovered that the best way to spread ideas and drive business forward—both internally and externally—is through business storytelling. Think about ... Continue reading

We’re Hiring! Master Workshop Facilitators

Do you have a passion for helping talented business professionals grow in their roles? Do you have a background in virtual training delivery combined with executive coaching experience, and an ... Continue reading

The Essential Visual Storytelling Guide

Ever wish you had a guidebook for becoming a strategic, influential communicator? This one’s for you. Because, let’s face it: We all strive to come across as credible, authentic, and persuasive in ... Continue reading

Sanitize Before You Share [VIDEO]

These days we’re all hyper-vigilant about sanitizing our hands and surfaces. But did you know this good hygiene can actually translate into your virtual meetings and presentations? Continue reading

Don’t Leave Your Data Behind [VIDEO]

Did you know virtual meetings can be a goldmine full of insights? That’s right… all of those chat conversations, poll responses, and whiteboard brainstorm sessions are teeming with juicy information. ... Continue reading

How Shapes Make Your Data Insights POP [VIDEO]

Shapes can be incredibly powerful. It’s a statement you’ve probably never heard before, but it’s true—circles, squares, and triangles can really pack a punch when it comes to data visualization. Continue reading

Size Up Your Data: How Varying Size Draws Focus to Your Insights [VIDEO]

Have you ever considered how the size of your data display could impact how well your insights are received by your audience? Odds are… probably not. But data experts know: Size is a critical ... Continue reading

Think Outside the Box to Make Online Learning Engaging [VIDEO]

Picture this: You’re in a brainstorming session with a colleague online. You’re attempting to mark up a diagram of your company’s new product roadmap, but you’re finding it difficult to draw clearly ... Continue reading

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