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REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION FROM FORBES.COM    Kate Harrison, Contributor PowerPoint is the second most popular communication tool after email. Yet there is huge variation in how effectively ... Continue reading

Secret to Presenting To Executives? Let 'Em *Think* They Have Control...(Video)

You’re getting ready to present a great idea... supported by a whole bunch of data... to the boss… What could go wrong? A lot. Bosses are human: they will remember 10% of what they hear, 20% of what ... Continue reading

3 Uber-simple Visual Layouts to Make a Boring PowerPoint More Engaging (Video)

It’s no secret — it’s the visuals that get your message heard and retained. Pictures are processed 60 thousand times faster than text. Here are three common visual layouts that work to catapult your ... Continue reading

Daren Lewis, Director of Content and Strategy

Communicator, Designer, Craftsman Definition of success: I measure my success by the success of the people I love and work alongside. The goal is to make a multiplicative impact. I build the content ... Continue reading

Excuse Me Sir, You Dropped Your Data…

Masterful WebEx Presentations - Part 3 Your WebEx presentation was meticulously planned. Flawlessly delivered. Your audience vigorously interacted with you – and with each other. Time to pack up and ... Continue reading

Four Delivery Tips for Virtual Meetings That All Webex Stars Know

Masterful WebEx presentations – Part 2. In Part 1 of our series on Masterful WebEx presentations, you learned about interactive tools that lock in audience engagement, how to build slide - decks for ... Continue reading

Reduce your laundry bill. Sweat-free virtual presentations with great planning and design.

  PART 1: Masterful WebEx Presentations: Planning and Design   Most agree. It’s crazy-scary making virtual presentations to a large, unknown audience. Hell, it’s scary presenting to a small, known ... Continue reading

6 Ways to Protect Your Corporate Brand with a Bullet-Proof PowerPoint Template

Can you imagine buying clothes that are stylish, but have no buttons, zippers or pockets? This is how many companies attempt to build corporate PowerPoint templates: beautiful to look at but, ... Continue reading

5 Commandments for Presenting Data in PowerPoint

Bar charts. Line charts. Pie charts. We long to nestle our data in these colorful displays in hopes of breathing great meaning into our numbers. But too often, bad chart choices and misuse of our own ... Continue reading

Presenting Data More Powerfully with 3 Easy Tips

We understand that presenting data in PowerPoint can be a daunting task, especially when you don't have time to get creative. Here are 3 easy tips for presenting data effectively when you're short on ... Continue reading


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